Pollination Games II

So my original pollination games page is by far the most popular posting on my page. With this in mind, I’ve gathered some additional activities and resources for you to use in your classroom.


Why Do Leaves Change Color in the Fall?

It’s the perfect time of year to explore why and how leaves change color!  This leaf chromatography experiment makes the answer to those questions a bit more tangible and understandable. Why DO leaves change color? So let’s start off by making sure we all understand how leaves change color in the fall.  Basically, leaves are made…

Talkin’ trash! (reducing trash and litter)

After these last postings about compost, it seems only natural to teach about reducing trash and litter.  Here are some activities, including poems, coloring pages, online videos, songs, and hands-on explorations, to make this topic fun and thought provoking. Watch a Fascinating Short Video  Watch the teaser video for the movie The Landfillharmonic, where children…