Fall Cleanup in the Garden

Don’t put away your gardening tools yet! Fall is one of the best seasons for accomplishing many tasks, and right now is the best time to prepare for next spring.

Creating a Sensory Garden

Create a garden where children can interact with plants and stimulate all five senses. Here are ideas for choosing plants with interesting textures, nose-tickling aromas, tasty leaves/flowers, eye-catching displays, or they create curious sounds.

What to Plant When

I recently came across this useful graphic.  I particularly like the “planting, care, and harvesting” section, although I know the months section will not be accurate for every climate and every country’s growing season (I can vouch that it’s pretty accurate for the east coast and the midwest of the US tho!). More plants that…

Tomatillos! What are they and how do I grow them?

My tomatillo plants are just BARELY starting to grow fruit, and I’m already getting excited for the salsa I will be making. This week I will simply introduce tomatillos, discuss growing them, as well as connect tomatillos to potential pollination lessons. Next week I’ll have recipes!

Tips to Make Gardening Fun for Kids

Create a class of students who all love to garden!  Here are some tips: Younger students have smaller attention spans; try not to overwhelm them with too large of garden plots, or plants that need extensive maintenance, and expect to spend some of your own time with maintenance tasks that are too difficult for them…