What to Plant When

I recently came across this useful graphic.  I particularly like the “planting, care, and harvesting” section, although I know the months section will not be accurate for every climate and every country’s growing season (I can vouch that it’s pretty accurate for the east coast and the midwest of the US tho!).

More plants that you might want to consider for a garden plot:
lettuces, nasturtium, cauliflower,  tomatillos, basil, celery, peppers, asparagus, eggplant… am I missing anything else?

Other companion plantings I would recommend:
tomatoes with basil (basil is supposed to help repel tomato worms)
the Native American “Three Sisters” configuration of squash, corn, and beans
Do you know any other companion plantings?

Vegetable Growing Cheat Sheet

This graphic is attributed to anglianhome.co.uk

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