Seed Dissection

A great hands on activity where students can clearly see the parts of the seed.


1)  As a class, start a KWL chart about seeds.

2)  Show students a Lima Bean and ask if they know what type of seed it is.  Ask: What kind of plant does it come from? Is this seed alive? Can we eat this seed? Accept all answers.

3)   Show students a picture of a lima bean plant so they can visualize what  type of plant a lima bean comes from.

4)   Tell students we are going to be scientists and find out what is inside of seeds.  But first we need to make predictions. Students will think-pair- share predictions and then record predictions in Plant Journals. Hand out Plant Journals for each student to record his/her predictions.

5)Hand out lima beans that have been soaked overnight in water to each student, along with magnifying glasses.  As a class, go over the parts of the seed together.  Students should record and draw observations in plant journals.  Ask students why each seed part is important.
•Embryo– tiny plant, waiting to grow
•Seed coat– protects the seed, just like we wear coats
•Cotyledon— food for the growing baby plant
5)As students finish recording their observations, they can do a Walk-About and walk around the room looking at examples of different plants and the seeds they came from (include some real plants and seeds if possible, or else photos will also do.  Try and include photos of a wide variety of seed shapes and sizes, each growing into a variety of different shaped plants:  dandilion, oak, maple, coconut, carrot, rose, pumpkin, etc)
6)Ask students “what would the world be like if there were no seeds?”
7)Ask each student to put new things they learned about seeds on post-its to complete the KWL chart.

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